Orden in RC Soaring Digest
May 4th, 2021 - We would like to draw your attention to an article recently published in RC Soaring Digest. The article was written by Pierre Rondel. Also you can see some new galleries, videos and articles about Orden in Orden section on our website.
Article RC Soaring
Orden assembly gallery
February 1st, 2021 - RTG model brings you Orden assembly gallery made by František Ruisl.
Orden in Prop magazine
June 12st, 2020 - Dear RTGmodel fans, we would like to inform you that there was published new article about Orden in Prop Magazine written by Jürgen Witt. You can read article here.
Orden in Aufwing magazine
April 22st, 2020 - We would like to inform you about article which was published in Aufwind magazine in March edition.
July 3rd, 2019 - RTGmodel would like to proudly introduce brand new F3F model called Orden. Orden is the latest addition to the family of models Extreme, Rotmilan, Rotmilan Midi, Stribog and Stribog+. Orden is now available to order.
April 10st, 2018 - On the STRIBOG have we made several changes and is now renamed Stribog+. The main changes are the slim fuselage and the apparition of a wing compartiment in the wings. Shape and airfoils of the wings remain the same and the tails is not modified. Been added brass Ballast for the new joiner (628g) and for the wings (1627g). Now is provided and allows to reach 2.2 kg compared to the 900g of the Standard Stribog. In Fuselage some details have been added, like the servo tray front lips that are going up to remove the potential fuselage failure under the canopy.
ALATYR - F3K Glider
January 1st, 2018 - New model from the RTG producer for the F3K category is called Alatyr /the name comes from Slavonic mythology. It is a legendary stone, the father of all stones ... /
ALATYR F3K is made with the latest technology, it is designed for competition flying F3K.
Dimensions and layout: ALATYR
June 21st, 2016 - Stribog (the name is derivated from old slavonian God of wind and storms) is a successor of Rotmilan Midi model. Stribog has the wing span of 2,86m and we used the profil from NH (Norbert Habe), as at the previous models. We used some constructional changes on the wings at this new model. A winglet continues up to the the wing end. It has also smaller depth of flap at the wing roof. The servos are located bellow the one capping strip in the middle of wing. Moreover, LDS was improved by the supporting bearing and 4-mm rod. A fuselage is manufactured by balloon technique. All the fuselage is from carbon, only the front part is made from kevlar for using of 2,4 GHz. There is percentually reduced height of profile in comparison with the Rotmilan Midi model on the v-tail. All parts on the new model (wings, fuselage, v-tail, ballast and coupling) can be combined with the previous models (Rotmilan, Rotmilan Midi, Extreme)
New RC Soaring Digest - Rotmilan MIDI
February 23st, 2015 - The article about the Rotmilan MIDI has been published in the March issue of RC Soaring Digest. Pierre Rondel has published a new article. There is a lot of information, pictures and experiences from flying with the new model Rotmilan MIDI. Article RCSD in PDF
Rotmilan MIDI
1st place - FAI WCH F3F 2014, Slovakia
September 1st, 2014 - FAI World Championship for Slope Soaring Gliders class F3F September 2014 Donovaly, Slovak Republic.
The very good proporties of the ROTMILAN and ROTMILAN MIDI utilised František Ruisl(SVK) and from 51 pilots from 17 countries of the world won the world champ title. WCH F3F 2014
FAI WCH F3F 2014
December 13st, 2014 - Roll Drive available for MKS and now for KST, TURNIGY, HITEC servos. The arm length is 5mm for ailerons and 6mm for flaps, disc diameter 12mm.
Servo Frames 4mm for : MKS 6125 Mini, Glider (KST DS125, KST DS135, KST, DS225, Turnigy…)